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Vindictus – Secret Naughty Chamber – Evie vs. Succubus

This was my second Succubus run, and I tried soooooooooo hard not to kill her; or at least kill her slowly so I can break off all her clothes. I kinda misjudged her HP so she died with only the helm broken off. And the only time I got caught in the sexy attack, Succubus got bugged and was invisible during the scene. Fufufufufufu. I won’t be able to try again ’til later at 1:00 after the reset on East. T_T

Anyway, this is still a very detailed video for those who haven’t tried her yet and want to analyze the Succubus’ attacks.

After reset, I’ll just run this on normal so I can bring 14 spears and see her health. That way, it should be easier to gauge if I’ll be able to make the breakoffs before she dies. I might consider using one of my lower MATK staves to prolong the battle.

I’ll just upload a new video after I manage to break off all her clothing.


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