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Little Witch Nobeta | First Look

Dark Souls Meets Loli Anime

This game caught my attention on Steam so I bought it and gave it a try. I never expected to die so much in a game that looks this cute lol. It’s basically a cute anime version of Dark Souls. It’s pretty well polished, and the mechanics are good. The game itself is also nicely optimized, so I have no issues running the game in its maximum settings, on 4K 60fps.

As far as gameplay goes, I find the spellcasting very interesting. It has a channeling system where you normally take time to cast your spells, but doing things like melee and dodging would speed up the charging. The boss fights are fairly challenging as well. There are subtle pauses in the moves that kinda throw you off from what you normally experience in boss fights. Some moves have their visual cues out of frame, so you’d have to rely on sound, or drill in the timing in your brain. lol.

My first run of Little Witch Nobeta, streamed on Facebook

First Look | Little Witch NobetaLoli Dark Souls 😀

Posted by Jercouzen on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

A few screenshots taken while playing


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