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Vindictus – Fiona – Shining Will Set

The Shining Will plate armor set is one of my favorite sets in the game. It’s a level 56 rare class armor set that is unlocked after completing the battle quests, “Fight That Must Be Won” (Shining Will Gauntlets, Shining Will Boots, Shining Will Helm, Shining Will Skirt) and “Shady Forest” (Shining Will Plate Mail). The entire set is crafted by Ferghus.

The whole set provides stat boosts of +440 Strength (+530 total with set bonus), +48 Agility, +145 Willpower, +2909 Defense (+3119 total Defense with set bonus), +45 Crit Resistance, and weighs in at a total of 555 stones. The actual equipped weight is reduced, depending on the level of your Plate Armor Mastery (minimum of Rank B to equip the set).

Here are images of my Fiona wearing the Shining Will set, dyed in deep blood red, and equipped with a Fomor Commander Training Sword (Character Level 61, Long Sword Mastery Rank 9 required), and a Fomor Commander Training Shield (Character Level 61, Shield Mastery Rank 9 required).


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