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Vindictus – Fiona – Jirkal Large Shield

The Jirkal Large Shield, another awesome piece of equipment in-game, features a design highly inspired by an Oni face (japanese ogre/demon).

To craft this large shield, you’ll have to complete the three Jirkal shields: the Jirkal Right Hand Shield, the Jirkal Left Hand Shield, and the Jirkal Body Shield. It is unlocked after completing the battle quest, Fruitful.

The shield is exclusive to Fiona, and requires a minimum character level of 61, with at least a Rank 9 Large Shield Mastery. Equipping the Jirkal Large Shield yields the following bonuses: +1035 Defense, +10 Crit Resistance, +54 Strength, +15 Agility, +75 Willpower.

Below are images of the shields required to craft this large shield:

Jirkal Right Hand Shield

Jirkal Left Hand Shield

Jirkal Body Shield


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