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Vindictus – Evie Staff Gameplay – Titan

I haven’t done a Vindictus video in a while so I recorded last night’s Titan raid.

Titan is the boss in the battle quest, The Giant, from the Extra Episode that came out with Episode 6.

Some of the top tier armor sets in the game can be acquired either as full drops, or crafted from materials dropped by the Titan. One of those armor sets would be the set worn by my character during the raid, the Broken Feather Set.

This boss raid is limited to one successful run per day per player, so it takes a while to complete the craftable items in your set. Some of the full drops are so rare that you’re not likely to get one for your own if you rely on drops. I had to buy my Broken Feather Earrings from the market a while back for 3.4 million gold just so I could complete my set. lol.


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