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TERA Open Beta Screenshots – Day 3

After day 2, I only did a few more quests and played around with my Elin Lancer. No point pushing any further as there is a character wipe on EU servers. I will exert full effort on the upcoming headstart. 😛

I decided to roll a new character, a Human Female Warrior, just to pass the time. I ended up doing some vanity shots around the Isle of Dawn just for the lulz.

Another mass relay in TERA.

Flying to Lumbertown via Pegasus.

Is that food?

You’re hiding food from me, aren’t you?

Damn, I’m hungry.

The Dothraki live here.

Obligatory dark ritual portal place.

Coz I’m just too lazy to run.

Riders by the campfire.

Another BAM  (Big Ass Monster) – The Basilisk

Elin idle animation.

Vanity shot.

Because I feel like dancing.

Climbing the vines. There’s a better view, but… lol.

You mean to tell me, those are real? Really?

Sitting by the fields.

Harvesting time.

Bring it!

Human Female vanity shot #1.

Just Leander.

Human Female vanity shot #2.

Leander with the big-ass sword.

Human Female vanity shot #3.

Human Female vanity shot #4.

Human Female vanity shot #5.

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