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TERA Open Beta Screenshots – Day 2

Here’s my Day 2 screenshot coverage of TERA Europe’s Open Beta. I spent the day mostly riding around, exploring the mainland, crafting, and later on advancing the quest lines.

Trainers in Velika.

It was YOU!

Riding across the country side.

View of the capital from the outside.

Smiths and workshops.

Looking around with my imaginary binoculars.

In TERA, we call that a BAM – Big Ass Monster.

I just love riding.

Lumbertown center fountain.

Shepard, You missed this mass relay too!

Just hanging around in Lumbertown.

I’m a fox, you’re a dog, and… it just won’t work out, sorry.

To charge, or not to charge, that is the question.

With another lancer, Baraka race.


Vortex shard goes BOOM!

Elin tandem dancing action.

Krysteel armor set and weapon – Front.

Krysteel armor set and weapon – back.

Elins on tandem pegasus flight.

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