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TERA Open Beta Screenshots – Day 1
After posting screenshots of the new prologue, I’m sharing these shots of day 1 in TERA Europe’s open beta. These are a mix of shots from the starting area – the Isle of Dawn, the the capital city -Velika, as well as a few shot of my character going to and from these places on a pegasus.

Dancing around in the Isle of Dawn.

Elins are just so ‘effin cute. lol.


Excuse me, monster sir, can you help me? I’m lost.

Right at the heart of the capital.

Look Ma, a flying pony~~~~~~~~!

Flying away from Velika, going to the Isle of Dawn.

Yes, TERA has space jump travel too.

The TERA equivalent of a Mass Relay.

Flying over the Isle of Dawn.

I’m not flying low. That tree is much, much bigger than it looks.

Obligatory agains the light flight shot.

Going back to the capital, lining up the Pegasus runway.

Elin Lancer on a horse mount.

I should be able to fight on a horse. I use a lance, after all.

What’s all the commotion about?

Just Samael.

My other TERA Open Beta screenshots:

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