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TERA – FXAA Injector On/Off Comparison
I’ve been using FXAA Injector on TERA for quite a while now, and thought I might share this on my blog. I use the HDR, Tone Map, Technicolor, and Sepia filters to adjust the game’s colors, contrast, and lighting. This also works great with the Antialiasing tweak via Nvidia Inspector, for an overall better visual effect.

Here’s a short video slideshow showcasing different areas and lighting conditions using my FXAA Injector settings.

To do this, simply download FXAA Injector (I used HG6), and extract the contents to where the TERA executable is located (*/TERA/Client/Binaries).

If you like the results I got, simply load up the FXAA Tool and follow these settings on the sliders:
Antialiasing OFF
Sharpen OFF
  • HDR Power: 1
  • HDR Radius: 4

Bloom OFF
ToneMap ON
  • Gamma: 1
  • Exposure: 1
  • Saturation: 5
  • Bleach: 1
  • Fog: 5

Technicolor ON
  • Technicolor Amount: 4
  • Technicolor Power: 4
  • Red: 1
  • Green: 1
  • Blue: 1

Sepia ON
  • Sepia Color Tone: Chocolate
  • Sepia Power: 1
  • Grey Power: 1
Or you can adjust the settings to better suit your graphics preferences.


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