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Skyrim – Giant Kill at Level 1 – Greatsword Warrior

Once again I have a ton of backlogged content to publish, mainly because I haven’t been able to stop playing Skyrim ever since I bought the game. lol.

To start off, here is a video on how I killed a Giant at level 1.

I actually discovered this by accident. When fighting a Giant, you can kite it and lead him on an endless turn while you hack away at his legs.

If you manage to confuse the Giant this way, you be able to kill it without taking damage.

It’s also possible to kill a Giant with a Greatsword using a non-AI glitch method, but that requires perfect timing and boatloads of patience wherein you attack only during the small openings right after a Giant smashes his club on the ground. Attempting an attack on any other opening yields very little recovery time for the Giant, allowing him to catch you on a follow up attack.


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