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Mercenary Online – PhysX Comparison

This is a gameplay video that I made, showing side by side comparison of Mercenary Online’s graphic effects with PhysX turned on and off.

The video was taken using my character in Mercenary Online, the full English version available in the Philippines ( Also known as Mercenary Ops in NA, Mars (Quan Qiu Shi Ming) in China, and Blackfire in Thailand.

I used the  ‘Living Legend’ costume for the demo, as it showcases the most cloth movement, making it ideal for this PhysX demo video.

Recorded in Full 1080p HD. Maximum graphic settings, 32x CSAA + 8x Transparency Supersampling, on an MSI GTX660Ti Power Edition.

For Nvidia users, you may also want to check out my Mercenary Online – Nvidia Graphic Tweaks guide here.


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