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Hunted The Demon’s Forge – Dyfed – Dungeon Entrance

Yay, finally catching up on backlogged content~ 😀

This video shows the fight scene at the Dungeon Entrance, featuring the first appearance of the Infected Wargar.

The Infected Wargar gets its strength from a silvery liquid that it drinks. It casts fireballs and has the ability to teleport, so the best way to fight it is at range. This fight scene shows a nice combo that you can do with Caddoc while playing E’lara. When Caddoc uses Wind of Wrath to lift enemies, their defenses are automatically down, making it easy for E’lara to pick them off one by one.

There’s also a scene with Seraphine that I included at the end of the video, and let’s face it, she’s always nice to have on video. 😛


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