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Dragon Nest SEA [CBT] – Initial Run – Cleric Gameplay – Orc Baku

Dragon Nest SEA’s Closed Beta Test went live several hours ago and I was one of the people who managed to get in.

I recorded one of the instances on my initial run, using a Cleric class character. I also have one character for each of the other classes, but I probably won’t be able to try them all out til the weekends.

The Orc Baku is the first boss you’ll encounter in the game as a Cleric and he’s very, very easy to deal with. it’s expected though, being a first boss and all.

Overall, the combat pace is nice and fast, and the skill effects are nice. I’m eager to see the higher level skills, as well as skills from the other classes.

I still have a lot of Vindictus keystroke instincts while playing Dragon Nest, so I guess I’ll need a few more runs to be able to train my fingers to react differently. lol.


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