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GO OC Philippines 2010 – Live Competition Details

Power. Speed. Precision. Performance.

The exhilarating rush escalates in anticipation of the Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship 2010. Witness the showcase of extreme skills in the most anticipated Gigabyte event in the country!

All roads lead to an intense gathering of overclockers to unleash the best among the rest on May 21 at the SM North Edsa Annex Cyberzone. Stand witness as Gigabyte crowns the first Philippine representative to the GOOC Pan Asia Regional Championships.

Lots of prizes to be given away… Plus, enjoy the phenomenal music of DeLara!

So be sure to clear out the platform, move with extreme drive, and join us all day long!

The Grand Prize winner will receive an all-expense paid trip to Jakarta, Indonesia to compete as the Philippine representative to the GOOC Pan Asia Regional Championships, including Php 10,000.00 pocket money and a GOOC souvenir jacket.

Live Competition Setup

OS / Benchmark / Utility / Driver / BIOS (Pre-installed by GIGABYTE)

Live Competition Regulations

  1. Hardware and software are provided by GIGABYTE and official sponsors.
  2. No brands other than GIGABYTE and approved official sponsors will be allowed.
  3. The Philippine Finals will be an air-cooling limited event. Contestants are allowed to bring their own cooler(s) though, which includes memory coolers, chipset coolers, and the like.
  4. Custom made air coolers are allowed, but brand stickers for third-party parts used must be removed/covered.
  5. Other brand coolers are allowed, but brand stickers must be removed/covered.
  6. If the contestants don’t have coolers for the competition, GIGABYTE will provide them with one, along with needed auxiliary fans.
  7. GIGABYTE will not provide hardware replacement if the original one dies or fails.
  8. No graphics card modification is allowed, including removing the standard cooling fan.
  9. HDDs are pre-installed and configured with Windows XP SP2, drivers, benchmark and utilities.
  10. No outside software, non-GIGABYTE prepared thumb drives, optical devices, etc. are allowed.
  11. USB thumb drives will be provided by GIGABYTE to save scores and screen shots.
  12. Contestants may bring their own multi-meter or digital temperature meter.
  13. Contestants need to bring their own paper towels, thermal paste, scissors, cable ties, and other related materials.


There will be dedicated GIGABYTE Technical Staff Referees to verify the score and screen shots.

Live Competition Mechanics

  1. Points will be awarded based on the results of each bench.
  2. Points will be totaled and posted at fixed intervals.
  3. Contestants can update their results continuously within the valid set period of time set up by GIGABYTE.
  4. Benchmark scores submitted after the allotted time will not count.
  5. Contestants should take a screenshot, then save the results to GIGABYTE thumb drive and raise their hand to submit a score. GIGABYTE judges will then verify and take down the score.
  6. Failure to submit a score for a round will not lead to disqualification.
  7. The contestant with the highest points at the end of the competition will be declared champion. Judges should be informed of results challenges before the champion is declared, with the head judge to make the final call. Once the winner is declared, all results are final.
  8. GIGABYTE judges may ask contestants to run benchmarks again to verify scores.
  9. Every contestant needs to save screenshots of their result. Otherwise, the score will be invalid.
  10. In case of a tie, the contestant with the highest Pifast will be declared the winner.

To view details on how to qualify for this competition, click here.

** GIGABYTE reserves the right to modify/amend in any way the Rules and Regulations at any time without prior notice.


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