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WIP – PRS Stock and Camo Painting Day

Yesterday I got my Precision Rifle/Sniper (PRS) Stock in hopes of a fairly easy mod to get it installed on my APS SR-2. True enough, it was easy to install, using a few tweaks. But after some brief testing it felt like the connection wasn’t solid enough for field combat use.

So earlier today, I went to a trusted machine shop (the same one that did the copper spiral evaporator for my single stage phase change cooler) to have my custom stock tube fabricated from T6 aluminum. It’s gonna be one of a kind, and totally different from the way the Japanese installed the PRS on their SR-2s. Since my rifle isn’t going to be for an APS cup competition, I made sure that my design and materials were all field combat worthy.

And well, seeing my rifle “butt-less” I had the sudden urge to disassemble it and paint the suppressor and polymer parts with zero black camouflage paint so it becomes closer to the flat black finish of the metal parts.

Hopefully I can keep myself busy enough until the machine shop finishes my custom stock tube next week.


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