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WIP – APS SR-2 Custom Extension Tube for PRS Adjustable Stock

Sourcing out an A1 buffer extension tube can be a big pain in the arse over here, and even if I was able to get one, it would have required some considerable modding just to get it to fit securely on my APS SR-2. Why I would want to do such a thing is, of course, to be able attach the Precision Rifle/Sniper (PRS) adjustable stock that I got last week to my SR-2 (also known as MB06 and ASR in other manufacturers).

After considering the effort involved in sourcing out the tube and modding it, along with the potential complications posed by attaching two parts that are not meant to, I decided to make one from the ground up instead. And that’s when I went to the machine shop with my design and had it fabricated.

This is what I got.

On top is the 6-position stock extension tube that comes with the SR-2.
In the middle is the custom stock extension tube that I had fabricated; made from T6 aluminum.
At the bottom is a custom steel bolt that I also had made specially for the custom tube.

 While the long bolt secures the tube to the lower receiver of the stock, the PRS itself is secured by another 1/4″ bolt to the threaded end cap shown in the image.

Slots that fit precisely with the SR-2’s receiver prevent the tube from moving once secured.

A guide slot holds the PRS in place once connected, keeping it centered.

A shot of the installation test for the tube.

Test fitting with the PRS.

Overall I’m very pleased with the results. And after the quick installation test that I did, I dismantled everything again and worked on giving the tube a chrome finish and a zero black camo paint job on some parts.

Right now I’m waiting for the painted parts to dry, so I will post pics of the finished mod probably tomorrow.


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