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Vindictus – Fiona Gameplay – Red Ruins – Gnoll Chieftain

I haven’t been able to play my Fiona in ages. Mostly I just log her in to distribute the AP she accumulated from the meditation skill. But yesterday I felt like doing a little bit of shield bashing so I went and did a quick run.

This video shows my Fiona character battling against the Gnoll Chieftain in the raid-type battle quest, Red Ruins. This raid came out with Patch version 1.33: Bad Behavior along with Episode 8, Part 1: Not Even If You Kill Us All. This is the new lowest level raid in-game, available at level 17, intended for up to six players.

This is basically your same old Gnoll Chieftain, with new and old attacks, but this time he can do them in chains instead of separately. Your signal would be his howl, after which he would either do a double front smash then a spin smash, or his new multiple swing attack.


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