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Vindictus – Fiona Gameplay – Hidden – Giant Spider Solo

I recently revived my Fiona from hibernation so I could level her and unlock access to the level 61 set items. I leveled her from 52 to 61 during the recent long weekend (regular weekend + holidays 29 to 30 August), while still logging in my Evie once every hour for transfomation exp. Of course, the fastest way to level was to solo Hidden. I recorded one of the runs on video just for the heck of it. lol.

Hidden is a level 41+ raid for up to 6 players, unlocked after getting 100 BP in ‘The Fleeing Gnoll King.’ Running this instance solo, with a 3 or Fewer oath of honor, yields 89k Exp (plus combat Exp) per run.

An old video of my Fiona from 2010, doing her first Hidden run, can be seen here.

I’ve also included several boss deathcam screenshots from her other runs:

Shield Charge

Halfway through Heavy Stander

Guard Stance

Blossom Blow


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